Thursday, 1 November 2012

Hollanders Rocking the Sumazau Dance

Sumazau Dance by Hollanders and Penampang Homestay Famillies
Just last month, 19 retirees from Holland visited Malaysia for a 3 weeks' holiday. They spent 2 weeks in Malacca, Peninsular Malaysia, 1 week in Sandakan, Sabah and the last day of their holiday at homestays at Kg. Putaton Inobong, Penampang, Sabah.

Although they only get to spend half a day with the locals, nevertheless, they had a blast!!!

Upon their arrival at Putaton homestay, they were divided into several groups and each group was placed under the responsibility of a homestay operator who participated in the proggramme. Then, each of these homestay operators brought their guests to their humble homes and showed them what they have, shared with them about things that they do to make a living and teach them a few of the recreational activities of the locals.

They also had the opportunity to check out on some of the rare and distinct tropical Borneo herbs, learn to prepare local dishes, learn the process of "Lihing" making (our local rice wine) and get a closer look at the way rubber is harvested and the process to harden it before it is sold.

They had a good time chatting up with the family members of homestay operators while enjoying lunch. Lunch was awesome and several traditional dishes were served.

Just look at the short videos below.

They had a "Sumazau" rock 'n' roll!!

The "Sumazau" dance is the KadazanDusun traditional dance which is commonly performed in weddings, during the annual "Pesta Kaamatan" festival and any significant or special occasions. The dance style is similar to a number or groups of birds soaring together. The arms are raised and flapped similar to that of a bird and "glide" softly at about shoulder level. The elbow and wrist are gently bended parallel at both sides of the body.

These Hollanders may not rock the perfect "Sumazau" dance but considering their very short visit, it's not too bad huh! They had a really great time. Need proof? One couple, Dekker and Gerda, even offered a free accommodation for the homestay families who intend to visit Holland (Of course it was just a verbal promise, a promise made from the heart, nevertheless). Homestay is truly an experience that should not be missed if you want to build a close relationship with the locals.

To those who are interested to learn the Sumazau dance, watch the video below and learn the dance...practice always makes perfect!


  1. lovely blog i enjoy reading you post

  2. Thanks Michael. I've been busy and have not updated for awhile but your comment has inspired me to continue posting. Will be back to post more. Have a nice day!



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